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Hardly worth getting the bike out of the garage to go to Tastebuds as it is only about 3kms from home but as I had to head over to Bikers World in Geebung afterwards I hopped in the saddle and headed off.  Bob chose the 4 wheeler.

Steve and Rosie had got there early . . .  and they live the furthest away.

All up we had about 13 at our table(s) and the little restaurant was buzzing with all the tables busy.  The waitress was a bit overwhelmed, the service a little slow, but the food was definitely worth it and the price not bad either.  (There was even a coffee for ‘Steven’.) With plenty of parking and loads of space around us there was no problem with the noise from our jovial conversations as the morning moved on.  It was good to see Jules without her arm in the sling – her recovery is going well but slow.  She can do this (arms lifted to the side), she can do this (arms lifted forwards) but she can’t do that (arms backwards).  So Alby you are still needed for some things!!

However, all good things come to an end and as it was the start to a busy day I said cheers and headed off to do some Christmas shopping.

The last NG brekkie for the year and it was a good one  . . .

Till next year.



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