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I have no idea it was that long ago but I do remember that persuading the girlfriend into the back seat of the FJ Holden was what most males aimed for.  It was a common thought that a large part of the Australian population were conceived at drive-ins ???

Not much chance of that happening on our little swaray to the Drive-In a few weeks ago.  The weather was a touch and go thing as dark clouds were gathering.  In a nutshell, the smart ones bought their cars and the thrill seekers brought their bikes.

The food fest started straight away.  Eric and Deb not only brought their bikes but also had the trailer on the back full of all sorts of healthy nibbles (such as chocolate and more chocolate).  Added to what everyone else brought it was a pig out (for me anyway).  I think the contribution from Dale and myself consisted of a couple of old soggy Aldi bikkies, some chocolate coated peanuts from Coles (you know the ones that are not as good as the stuff known manufacturers make but are half the price) and our thermos and three stubbies.

The movie is about to start and a storm kicked in.  There was crashing and banging plus a spectacular lighting show with a few drops of rain.  The choices were; - pack up and go seek shelter at the kiosk, -be brave and put the wet weather gear on or - suck up to someone who had a car.  The drops of rain cleared and I stopped sucking up to Alby (yes - he had a car).

The first movie was ok although a bit on the girlie side.   Intermission – well it was back into the health chocolates and then came the second movie.  It was a sci-fi type of thing which consisted of a hero who was decked out in leather(ish) looking armour and a large orange cape.  He somehow managed to transpond from New York to some other planet in space on a number of occasions.  The heroin (a lady – not the other stuff) was a bit of a tough one although I lost sight of just what she was actually doing at any given time.  No matter where they transponded to a bunch of ugly blokes with leather clothes but with no orange capes shot them, threw flame balls at them, shot missiles at them that bought buildings down on top of our heroes but somehow didn’t kill them and so on.

You guessed it – I had no idea through the whole movie but I would love to get one of those orange capes.


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