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The Navigation Ride

Well, the Navigation ride was a big success despite our members J. When you put a complex ride together like this, timing and coordination are paramount. The route had two practice runs by Dale and I just to make sure that all members would make it to the finish point at the right time for the BBQ lunch.

On the day,Dale and I went like crazy people getting tucker and ensuring that all the amenities were squared away at the lunch site and ‘yeehaar’, we made it just in time.  Only trouble was the plan allowed½ an hour for smoko and sure enough every one ended up having an extended smoko and a ‘reeeal’ long chat which then blew the timetable out the back door.  So much for good plans. My thanks to Dale and the fairy helpers Keith and Geoff as the ride could not have happened without them.

I personally would like to see us doing a few more of these ‘out of the ordinary’ rides which would also include the occasional overnighter. They can be a really good ride and a really good laugh.


The End of Twiggy as the NorthernGateway Ulysses Prez.

It certainly has been a long year and I will look back on it and consider it to be a successful year. That is not to say I did not have help. The Committee with the ex-officio members certainly assisted me in the decision making process and just occasionally stopped me from falling off a verbal cliff. We had some ups with some downs which is normal but the end results has seen us with good bike riding along with good social activity and that is what the whole thing is about.

I would just like to add the following to all members. We are a club that has bike rides and has get togethers – simple as that.If someone stuffs up, it’s not the end of the world; it doesn’t need a court-marshal,if the Committee overlooks something, ‘big deal’, it doesn’t matter and we always end up with a good result (or near enough to it). It is this approach to our Northern Gateway that will see us going well for another year.

Thanks to All


Twiggy Branch


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