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President’sReport - April 2014


I am lookingforward to the next 12 months and working with the great committee we have forthe branch. There was lots of energy at our first committee meeting.


I am away for the April meeting as I will be traveling in north Qld for work. Felix and I will also be away for the May meeting as we head off on our trip across the desert to Alice Springs on 1 May. It’s only a month away now – am getting very excited.I am driving one of the support vehicles and there are 7 riders – including Felix, Jack, Boris and Blip. Should be a great trip into the outback and beyond, with some challenging bits for the boys on their bikes. There will no doubt be some tales to tell and I will make sure there is lots of photographic evidence! 


There are now 16 branches in SE Qld – taking in Warwick, Darling Downs, Somerset and up to the Sunshine Coast. Ipswich Branch is the newest, being sanctioned in October last year. The Presidents of all the clubs have a meeting every couple of months to share ideas and information about rides and events. Twiggy had been going along and I will continue to go – when I can, or send a delegate.Something to note from the last President’s meeting is that this September will be the 10th anniversary for the memorial gardens, so they are hoping to make it an extra special occasion. More information will be distributed in the coming months.


No doubt everyone has heard about Keren Wheeler’s terrible accident. Our love and thoughts are with Russell and Keren as she progresses on the long road to recovery.


Take it easy everyone and ride safely.

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