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President’s Report -  June 2014

What a great trip we had – a great bunch of people and there is an amazing country out there to see! We were very lucky to see the desert so alive after recent rain. The bike riders had some interesting and at times challenging roads and you will no doubt hear lots of stories – for more on our trip please read the story on the Dusty Old Demons included in this edition. I am still re-adjusting to the traffic and noise after the serenity of the bush.
Alice Springs was lots of fun – highlights were thetrip to Uluru and of course the win in Red Faces with our version of Time Warp – we were out of time and forgot the moves but thankfully Anita can sing! It was lots of fun and hopefully a little entertaining. You can see one of the performances on the FB page if you have access. We won $100 which we donated back to UCARF. The new informal format for the Friday night function - the beach
party - was a great success with a huge crowd turning out.
The AGM meeting held on Saturday, 17 May in Alice Springs was one of the biggest attendances ever. Helena Gritton was elected as our new National President by a large majority and her success was greeted by very enthusiastic applause. I think the Club is now in good hands.
The Motorcycle discussion paper – Road rules for motorcycle riders is out for consultation – you can read the paper and have your say in the on-line survey at:
Enjoy the perfect riding weather and keep safe everyone.
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