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Why I decided to supply morning tea . . . I have no idea. Perhaps I was keen to conquer my shocking record of making scones that normally turn out likehockey pucks. This time however, the recipe I used made beautiful light and fluffy scones, of which I made about 40. They were delicious!!
Especially with strawberry jam and whipped cream!
Anyway, we had a good combination of bikes (about 16 in all) meet at the start at Woolies car park, Albany Creek. The weather was lovely, sufficiently cool to warrant wearing the leather jacket, and sunny. Bill was my TEC, being quite visible with his fluro jacket. We headed north on Old North Road, then west on Eaton’s Crossing Road and up over Clear Mountain and then on through Dayboro and up the range to Mt Mee. We reached the D’Aguilar National Park in about an hour which was good timing as there was plenty of parking and lots of picnic tables to choose from before the rush of families arrived to celebrate Mother’s Day in the park.
With Sue and Deb’s help we “jam and creamed” the scones. The 40 or so that I had managed to fit in my top box, along with some lamingtons and pastry thingies and with the delicious muffins that Deb brought, we just about had a ‘high tea’. I was conscious of the fact too that the Toogoolawah Hotel lunch meals are massive, but that was a couple of hours away and perhaps our appetites would of recovered a bit by then.
I packed the remaining food into my topbox and we said goodbye to Russell, Deb and Wendell and Marcus and headed off in the direction of the village of Mt Mee. 
Twiggy had the need for speed (not having Dale to keep him in check) so he overtook us all and unfortunately missed the fact that we turned left along Robinson Road before the village to head through the suburb of Mt Mee. But we caught up with him as he waited as corner marker at the D’Aguilar Highway. Through Woodford then right on Mary Smokes Creek Road through the countryside at the back of Kilcoy. It was very picturesque, although I was concentrating on where we had to go as this was new territory. I had only Googled it and really didn’t want to get lost or miss a turn off.  We ended up coming out on the Jimna Road and wound ourway through the suburbs at the back of Kilcoy and then back onto the D’Aguilar Highway to take the next turn to Somerset Dam. I could settle down now as I was back in my comfort zone . . . right on Gregors Creek Road to Toogoolawah. What a beautiful ride – no traffic, great weather and no rush.
We arrived at the Toogoolawah Hotel around 12noon and our table outside was set with rose petals and a special Mother’s Day menu.
It was a very relaxed lunch, with massive helpings,including my halfsize serve of hot been salad! Even Latte couldn’t finish his pizza!
Paul, Ally and Chaffy enjoyed a picnic in the sun outside and joined us when they got tired of each other’s company and wanted someone else to pick on. Only kidding! It was a smaller group that headed home, with me spoiling a perfect ride by miscalculating the whereabouts of Beppo Road.
However, after a bit of confusion, we found our way to Beppo Road and enjoyed the ride through the beautiful countryside and on to Mt Glorious where some of us continued home and Paul, Chaffy and I stopped for a coffee at the Maiala Café.
A most enjoyable day.
I would also just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who corner marked for me. You guys are amazing – 99% of the time you corner marked for me without me having to place you. Thank you
Thanks also to Bill for being TEC and for remaining un-phased (I think) by the slight confusion after lunch.



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