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Not a bad turnout considering that most of the club is in Alice . . . 12 turned up for quite a pleasant breakfast.
However, for some of us the food quality had not improved since the last visit.
Latte arrived on his new toy . . . his grin from ear to ear said it all. I think this one may be a keeper!
Wendell also had his first outing as “driver” of his scooter.
Then this tall Italian fella with a moustache arrived unannounced . . . but wait . . . it was Arminelli on Jackie's scooter. The rain clouds looked a little too dark for the Harley to venture out of the garage.
Russell, you really should get a NG shirt! Really good to have you join us though. Glad to hear too that Keren is improving every day.
The service wasn’t too bad, but a bit slow considering that it wasn’t a busy morning.
However, the surroundings were bushy and peaceful and it was a very pleasant way to start a weekend.



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