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President’s message – September 2015

I finally got to go on a ride on 23 August after my softball season was cut a bit short  – more about that later.  We had a lovely meander in the countryside through the vegie growing area of Lockyer Valley and had lunch at Floats Café in Grantham. It was great to be out and about again and it’s always nice to be able to support these smaller places on our trips, especially a community like Grantham that suffered so much in the 2011 floods.

There are a few new faces on the rides and at meetings and functions, so WELCOME to all the new members. It is great to have you along.  Also welcome back to our intrepid travellers, Lynn and Richard, and we look forward to hearing about their adventures.

Now, back to the softball - As many of you may know, I play softball during the summer season and my team has been playing at the SE Qld Masters tournament on the first weekend of August for the last 11 years.

This year was a bit more eventful than most. I tore my hamstring on the Friday afternoon, while getting a home run. Not realising it was too bad, I kept playing for the rest of the weekend – just had to hit the ball a long way just to make it on base coz I couldn’t run very well (no more home runs). Remember softball is supposed to be a non-contact sport – someone forgot to tell the woman who literally tackled me on Sunday as I was about to throw a ball. Check out the photo! Good tackle – wrong game! I fell quite hard to the ground and by Tuesday I couldn’t move with back spasms. After a week it slowly started to get better but I am still taking it very carefully. As for the hamstring – it is torn off the bone and waiting to get more tests and the verdict on whether to have surgery or let it heal by itself. So, no more softball for me for a few months - but “I’ll be back”!!

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