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Well that was a short break, but much needed I think, after talking with Twiggy I have offered to carry on with being Editor in an Ex Officio roll as that suits me at this time. I would like to thank Julie Jones for taking over last month and I must say she did a great job, I like the way she used an open page format and I shall carry on with it…When you know something is better you would be silly not to use it   well done Julie.

There is also another change, with the sensible idea of having a three month Ride Calendar so members can plan ahead, but, seeing all the info can’t fit on one A4 page I have made a centre fold Calendar (sorry guys not that type of centre fold)  this can be taken out and placed on the fridge door if required.

I hope everyone enjoys the newsletter and thanks to all who contributed. Remember to support our sponsors, they support us

Ride safe.

Sandy *waves*

Deadline for August Newsletter is 30thJuly -

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