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Hi folks just some info about the 2014 AGM as follows.

See item 3 but not sure on water.

Onsite Accommodation
Main Event Site Accommodation and Camping and RV Sites:

As per the layout plan, included in this section, we have designated camping sites for over 2,500 around the event arena. This amount can be increased easily because all the sites in the main non powered camping area allowed for on the plan are six by nine metres in size, bike friendly sites!!

#1 Main Camping Sites: Non Powered. Camp sites at 6m x 9m =1,900. If we needed to we could make them the standard 6m x 6m = 2,500 + in this area alone with other areas available if needed.

# 2 Camping Sites: Powered. Camp sites at 6m x 6m = 343. The area will fit more in. This area can be part used for tent city. There are other areas on site to use if needed. Two are indicated on the plan but we can extend our camping sites even further south of the oval if the need arose.

# 3 RV Sites: Powered. RV sites at 12m x 6m = 350. The area will fit more in. We have left a 12m roadway between the rows for easy access. We could also use the area, as marked on the plan, at the western end of the oval for RVs as this area has power and water.

Temporary Ablution blocks: We have set out a basic layout for the purpose of giving a fair indication of what is possible with the area we have available. The layout can be adjusted as needed for the best result at the time of the event. Some will also be disabled friendly.

Conservative Totals: 2,500 Camp and 350 RVSites = 2,850 onsite camp sites or more available! “The final layout and size will be adjusted as needed for the best result at the time of the Event” Main Event Site Accommodation camping and RV sites will be available to book August 2013

Kind regards Mark

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