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Hi Northern Gateway Members, 

To start with I have just followed our fearless ride leader Blip for the trip to the Moogarah Dam. Great ride, great organisation and a good ride home. Having known Blip for a hundred years, our return home consisted of two dirt roads (short and good dirt) that I should have known was bound to happen. Certainly a pat on the back for Blip and our fearless ride coordinator Geoff Sheather. This highlights the way I would like to see rides happen as I am sure others would agree. A tiny bit of "short/good/dry" dirt opens up a number of places we otherwise would not be able to access. Having been in the ride coordinator role, I can state that it is almost impossible to identify a place to go that has not previously been on a ride calendar. One of the things that add to a ride is what you do on the way, what you do when you get there or what you do on the way home. It’s all about variety. That is why we are doing an overnight ride on the 14/15th Sept but it is more than a ride - it's a game of lawnbowls as well as night time entertainment.  What I would ask you as a member is that if you have ideas you think could be a 'goer', let Geoff know. What you suggest does not mean it is now your baby to develop - your Committee will take it from there. Keep your Committee in mind when you have a great idea and don't forget Sandy - the newsletter is a good forum for you to express any thoughts or ideas. 

Enjoy Your Club 

Twiggy Branch


Northern Gateway

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