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I hope everyone is enjoying the articles I source, well, from wherever I can  Facebook, Google and the W.W.W is a great tool to find interesting stuff.

We lose two of our Advertisers this month one as she has moved out of Brisbane to the far North, thank you Vicki’s Hair and Makeup for the past years support, and sadly Neds is retiring due to ill health, it’s about time to enjoy life instead of working he said, I think we can all relate to that. Thanks Neds, we hope you have a full recovery and many many enjoyable retirement years.

Ken Cook asked me to give a plug about CAMEC Pty Ltd for giving him such great discounts and service recently, I was so impressed by what Ken told me I rang the Retail Manager Joel Young thinking that they would be great advertisers with the amount of RV’s and Campers currently in use within the branches and Club as a whole. Joel was very interested and has taken out a full page ad.  Joel has suggested if members require anything to let him know and he will put a list of specials together, so let me know and I’ll pass it on. So welcome aboard CAMEC, Ken now you can personally recommend this great company.

I would like you all to show our thanks to our sponsors and advertisers by supporting them as they do us


Ride safe.

Sandy *waves*


Deadline for September Newsletter is 27thAugust


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