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Some of you may be aware that for the past six years I have held an Annual Ulysses Home Brew Competition at the AGM’s; a few of our branch members compete each year.

Peter Thoeming (thebear) has been the sponsor of this event first with Australian Road Rider and now Australian Motorcycle Magazine. Over the years we have had some prominent judges, including the CEO’s of Triumph Aust and Suzuki, Ex Presidents of the National Committee and other prominent Motorcycle identities.

The winner receives either an engraved Crystal or Pewter beer mug, and is in a feature of the event in the following months AMM.

This year at Maryborough AGM the competition was such a success that as of next year, Alice AGM, the event will be an ‘Official Ulysses AGM Event’. I’m quite chuffed .

So if you brew or have thought of giving it ago, get going, get those beers ready  this is going to be a big event .



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