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While stopping at Lloyd Jones Weir I visited the Barcaldine tourist attractions.  The Australian Worker Heritage Centre took a few hours to go through & it was very interesting.  I also went through a much smaller Community run Historical Museum.  This one was more orientated on the local district and I through it was really great, especially since it over done by volunteers.

On Monday 5thAugust it was off to Winton, where I camped at a Free Camping Area behind the North Gregory Hotel in the Centre of Town. During my stay in Winton, I visited most of the Tourist attractions.  One I thought was very amazing was the History Transport Museum.  A wide range of trucks, most of them were in the remote parts of Qld at one time or another.

I visited what is called a Musical Fence, and this in itself was very amazing on how it was built and how it can be used.  On display was also a variety of metal containers of varying sorts, which could be used to make Musical Tunes.  The Musical Fence was also on the edge of what the Winton Council Granted a newly formed company “QANTAS” it very first registered Landing Strip.

Then the next day it was off to the Waltzing Matilda Centre.  This had a complete variety of the local history as well as the Waltzing Matilda History.

When I headed off from Winton my destination was Cloncurry, stopping off at the Blue Healer Hotel at Kynuna for morning tea. But even though there were 3 or 4 customers drinking at the bar, they didn’t have any morning tea things organised as yet.

So I headed off without morning tea.  The next port of call was the Walkabout Creek Hotel at McKinlay.  There were 2 travellers drinking in the bar,but no one else about, so I had a quick look about and the bar keeper was then back. No food or coffee I’ll have to go to the Roadhouse.  So I just continued on the short distance toCloncurry.

While at Cloncurry I visit Chinaman Dam, Cloncurry’s water supply, but because they had very little rain last wet season it was very low.  From here it was off to the Mary Kathleen Memorial Park.  This was very interesting, and it did contain a full history of the local area as well as a full run down on the old Mary Kathleen Uranium Mining time.  The next day it was off to the John Flynn Memorial Museum.  This was mainly about John Flynn and his supporters, and how & why they set-up the Flying Doctor Service.  I was in this Museum once before, I think in 1992 when I was travelling from Brisbane to Adelaide on my XJ900 via Alice Springs.  I can’t remember too much about what it was like then, but now it is completely amazing.  The story of the first meeting in Sydney between, John Flynn and then the Founder & director of the newlyf ormed company “QANTAS”, right through to current times.  How they overcome many difficulties and hardtimes to get to where they are today.

Cloncurry was the last of civilisation for about 3 weeks so I was kept busy working out what I needed to stock up on and how to carry it all.

Monday 12th August I was packed early and head off to Gregory.  There was supposed to be a very nice camping spot near the Gregory River, but on arrival it was empty except for a camp of drunks surrounded by empty tinnies.  I thought I’d look elsewhere.  I did find agreat spot on the River Bank where there was no camping allowed, but there were so many Caravans there that there was no room for me.  So being early enough I decided to push onto Adel’s Grove to camp for 2 nights before moving into the Lawn Hill Nation Park.

Well my first day in The Lawn Hill National Park Campground was very quiet.  I just had a very restful day, which was a good thing, because the next day I headed off on a walk, hoping to get to the Upper Gorge Lookout.  But it was 3.5klms each way and I wasn’t sure I could do it. Well after 1 klm I had reached the descend to Indarri Falls.

After studying the route down I decided against it and I also decided not to do the Upper Gorge Lookout, but to return to the Campground via the Cliff Top Walk, which was 1.7 klms, but went via Indarri Falls Lookout & Duwadarri Lookout.  The track down to Indarri Falls Lookout did give me a bit of trouble but I managed to make it both ways.

Well this turned out to be a bad move.  It was fairly tough going, but some great scenic views.  Because of the hard going, it took me just on 4 hours to complete and I ended up running out of water.  The final descend from Duwadarri Lookout which overlooked the Rangers Residential Area & the Campground was very steep & difficult.

Well after my little walk last Friday my Thigh Muscles are still aching.  On Tuesday 20th I hired a Canoe & enjoyed a leisurely paddle up the Creek, through the Gorge, which had unreal acoustics & even the paddles were creating echoes & arriving at Indarri Falls I was greeted by about 4 small Waterfalls.

Well today, Friday 23rd I headed off to view the Cascades, a return trip of about 2 klms of mostly good walking track undershady trees.

I still have one more walk to do, but I might not be able to do it before cut-off time for the Newsletter. So if there is anything interesting on it, it will have to be in next months report.

So until next month.

Trikertom,gone Walkabout.

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