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I am now well into my term as President and when looking back I think about how much we have progressed and how much we have not. When elected as President I had a number of ideas, some of them a carryover from years ago when I was on the committee with Brisbane Ulysses (there was no other Ulysses in Brisbane at that time).

The long term president at that time gave me a bit of advice. He said “Twiggy, a committee of one gets things done”.  I am not a firm believer in this but the thought is often there. When I first moved into this position things were rough to say the least but with a bit of time it all settled down and I thought what a good president I was. Problem was, some problems re-occurred and here is anaive Twiggy confronted with pretty much the same problems. A shed load of emails and phone calls later and it settled ‘sort of’ (the problem was still there but not a significant flare up). Things are quiet, I relax and bugger me dead, we were into it again. I now believe that a number of the personal clashes that were prevalent (and it has only ever been a very limited number of members) has almost gone. If you still have a personal problem can you hold on until the next president takes the seat (just kidding).

We really are a good bunch of people - some would not say sh#t for a quid, others are happy to cruise as long as they know what is going on and there is a minority who are somewhat vocal but that is people in general anyway.

How do I read the Northern Gateway thermometer? I sit down at our breakfast get togethers and no matter who I sit with I get a good conversation and a bunch of laughs. Some members admit to others that there is no love lost between them and yet they get along well. As a president I could expect no more.

The Northern Gateway is travelling well and I know that because a number of members have told me – they are getting rides they generally like and enjoy the social get togethers. The Committee has a raised voice from time to time but that is expected.

What else can I say – be proud to be a Northern Gateway Ulysses member.


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