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The Long Ride:

The Sunday Ride for the 11th of August, 2013 was a special event with two rides being led to the Mulgowie Pub.  Fantastic weather and a good turn out for the first ride leaving at 8.30am being the longride.

We headed north up the Bruce then inland making our way to Kilcoy for a smoko stop.  While there Geoff got information that there had been an Off on the short ride with a very nasty finger injury involved.

Thankfully not a life threatening event.

We rode on again after smoko and decided to head towards Fernvale where we would possibly meet up with riders from the short ride.  We found John LeFrancke the leader of the short ride.

After a short stop those on the longride decided to make our way to the lunch destination at Mulgowie Pub.  We headed out through Marburg and by the time I got to Rosewood there were no more corner markers left.  After waiting and doubling back we finally found out that Julie Jones had a mishap on a bend and we headed back to the accident site just outside Marburg.  You have to admire this gutsy lady on the side of the road with a broken arm making jokes.  One of the most remarkable ladies you will ever meet.

The Ambulance carried our wounded Ulyssian away and we headed back into Fernvale meeting up with some of the short ride group.  A quick pie for lunch from the bakery and everyone broke up and headed home.

So now we have to wonder if MulgowiePub has become a bad luck ride for the Northern Gateway Branch?  Our dear Dorothy had a tumble on the way there previously; two separate rides on the one day with the Branch had a tumble in each.  What do you think Geoff, is Mulgowie a bad luck bear or do we test the jinx and try again someday?

RideSafe, Stay Upright

Eighty Six

The Short Ride:

What a glorious morning?  Typical Brisbane Winter morning– perfect.  We gathered at Caltex for a 9.30 departure and in all there were 9 bikes and 11 people.  We set off towards Fernvale for smoko via Mt Glorious with John Lefrancke as our trusty leader.

All was going well, we got to Samford without having got too spread out with red lights etc. At the top of Mt Glorious, at that really nasty off-camberright hand turn, one of the bikes decided it needed a close encounter with asign – now that would have all been ok except the sign and the bike ignored the fact that Deb’s finger was between the pair of them.  They tried very hard to overcome this obstacle but fortunately, with a little surgery, this finger managed to besaved.

I saw what happened with Deb, and decided, because there were 3 bikes behind me who were more than capable of helping out, I would continue on to let the 4 bikes in front of me know what had happened.  The front group was waiting at the bottom of Mt Glorious at Splityard Creek.  John Spick and Cam decided to go back up to see if they could help, Boris decided to call it a day and headed for home, we waited at the bottom to hear from Cam as to what was happening.

Back at the top of the hill, Julie Sheather acted as a traffic cop and directed traffic, Louise and Sandy were triage, Luke doubled Wendell back home to get the car, leave Lukes’ bike at Deb and Wendells house so that Luke could ride Deb’s bike back home.  Ambulance came and went – meanwhile, Twiggy from the early group was seen heading up Mt Glorious and down to Samford.  John L and I went on into Fernvale where we sat and had coffee.  The early group joined us in the park.  Geoff S stayed with us as Julie S was with the group on the mountain.  The early group headed off towards Mulgowie.  Geoff decided he would go and meet the group coming down off the mountain.

Before our fractured group regathered, the early group were back at Fernvale with Julie Jones having had an actual encounter with the bitumen – but that is a whole other story.

Once our group were back together – both groups as one – minus a few starters – we all decided to have a snack at Fernvale (it is 1.00 pm by now) and then head home in various directions – some towards the south, some over Glorious and some back through Kilcoy and then home over Mt Mee.  All in all on that day, not counting the two ambulances that came to us, I saw 4 more ambulance with sirens going heading out around the mountains – beautiful riding weather but still unforgiving. Just a reminder for us all to be extremely careful and to continue improving our riding skills by attending some of the Roadcraft, Advanced Rider Courses, and Defensive Riding courses that are around.

I believe Deb and Jules are mending – Deb a little quicker than Jules because of where her break is. My thoughts are with both of them and their families as any accident has a big impact on the whole family unit and their work unit also.  Both groups assure us that the police and ambulance personnel that attended both accidents were exceptionally good. Thank you to people whose occupation would leave most of us a paler shade of green I am sure.

The ambos that took Deb to hospital had a word with her at the hospital on their next trip back with another motorcyclist.

Anne Spick.

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