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August in Brisbane brings the EKKA and showday once again falls on the Wednesday Mid Week Ride.  I reminded Geoff a few weeks back that EKKA people's day was to fall on a Wednesday and got the go ahead to organise a showday ride.

Four bikes in all came along for the Northern Gateway Branch Mid Week Ride and we started off on the ride through Cashmere, around the back of Kobble Creek, Dayboro, Mt Mee and a stop at the Place 2 B coffee shop on Mt Mee Road.  New roads for some of our riders and they loved it.

After smoko we headed through Woodford then along some back roads coming out near the Bellthorpe Range turn off.  We headed up Bellthorpe Range and at the top where I was waiting near the corner for Car 54 to arrive.  True to his name, he reached the top of the hill, glanced past me and continued on a left turn opposite to where we were going.  After a failed pursuit to catch him I returned to the other riders and we waited for him to return.  He did.  Three bikes and four frantically waving riders bouncing around on the side of the road in front of Car 54 was apparently not sufficient effort to get his attention, he rode past us and backdown Bellthorpe Range.

What to do, we waited a while but did have a recorded voice message from Car 54 saying he would head to Kilcoy to meet up for lunch.  So we headed out to Maleny Stanley River Road to head back to Kilcoy.  Hey, here comes Car 54 directly at us so all three bikes start waving at Car 54.  He waves back and cruises past.  Surely he saw us?  So we stopped and waited and soon it was clear that he did not recognise us. A quick discussion and we decided to head to Kilcoy as his message indicated he was going there...... via Maleney?

We eventually got aphone call from Car 54 while having lunch. He was on Mt Mee and decided home was the best destination at that point.  No need to ask the question,"Car 54 where are you"?  We already knew.

Ride Safe, StayUpright

Eighty Six

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