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Despite the apparent interest in the rebirth of the “Dinner Ride” concept, there was only 6 people apart from myself, Who turned up for the 3:00pm start of the pre-dinner ride.  Cool, a small group is much easier to manage.

We briefly discussed  possible routes and settled for a simple runout to Redcliffe, and following the Tourist Route around the waterfront and back through to Sandgate. That would put us in easy reach of our destination, being the Lanna Thai Restaurant on Beams Road, at the Clock Corner, Carseldine, which I had booked for 6:00 pm.Geoff and Julie (on her own bike) John and Jackie (also on her own bike) and Rob and Lynn made up the seven of us on 6 bikes. It was quite a warm afternoon, and I was hoping the sea breezes would help keep us cool.

We took an easy run North on the highway, exiting at North Lakes and out through Mango Hill, Rothwell, and along Anzac Ave to KippaRing. From there North again through the Newport Waterways area towards Scarborough Point, at a very modest pace, admiring some of the many fine homes and nice boats in this area.

Crossing over the Point, we continued to follow the Tourist Route #4, along the Esplanade and onto Flinders Parade.

There was a lovely strong breeze blowing, and we stopped for a while and watched some kite surfers enjoying themselves and pulling some nifty tricks.

After a while John A mentioned that he would like to see the Bee Gees Way – the monument to the World famed Gibb Brothers, which the Redcliffe Council had opened a year or so ago.

So I led the way down to the Redcliffe Central area, where we stopped for a leisurely look at this great attraction – they have done a great job on it.

We decided it was coffee time, as there are plenty of coffee shops right here, and enjoyed relaxing cuppa and chat.

Time to get going again, and we continued following the waterfront to Woody point, Margate, and then across the Hornibrook Bridge to Sandgate. The weather was still beautiful, the traffic was light, the scenery was beautiful, very pleasant indeed.

Again I followed theTourist Route around Sandgate, along the length of Flinders Parade, then turning up the hill to to Shorncliffe and down the other side, then out towards Sandgate road. We followed that up to Beams Road, and then followed that along to our final destination at Clock Corner.  We arrived there with about 15 minutes to spare, and only Keith L in sight parked the bikes out front and checked in for our booked table. Shortly after Deb and Eric also arrived and parked infront with us – the line-up of bikes gave the patrons something different to admire instead of the usual cars.

The staff made us welcome, and expanded the tables for us as more members arrived than I had expected, we ended up with 17 if I recall correctly. I have been here several times before, and always enjoyed the food and service – the  only drawback was a few people did not read the invite carefully, and did not realise it was BYO –but we seemed to get by. After a great meal, which most people seemed to really enjoy, especially the desserts – it was time to head home.

As we were leaving, the owners of the restaurant, Mahlee and John, also came out to admire the bikes – I took a picture of them on the Wing, which I will get printed for them.

All in all, a very successful afternoon and evening I believe, and one which I hope will encourage more in this vein.

I look forward to them.


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