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September is here and this month's Breakfast Coffee and Chat was at the Coffee Club overlooking the Brisbane River in the heart of the city.

Ray Wombold had clued us all in on the local motor cycle parking. There were around 20 of us there for breakfast and the company was really good and fun to be around.

This was also a special event Breakfast Coffee and Chat as Ray Wombold had for the second time organised for us to take a look at his workplace in the Traffic Management Centre. So from a conference room overlooking the Centre we received a very informative and entertaining look at the great job the people do in the Traffic Management Centre. So with Ray's commentary and the visual look into the Death Star Control Centre, we all got a far better understanding of the work being done behind the scenes of Brisbane Traffic.

Suddenly it was all over and people started heading for the door but we didn't really get to thank Ray properly for taking time out of his busy schedule in the Traffic Management Centre. Perhaps I could offer some thanks here.

Ray Wombold on behalf of myself and the Branch Members present, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to make your informative and entertaining tour of the Traffic Management Centre for us all to enjoy, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to Dale also for putting the morning together.

Raise The Cone Of Silence Eighty Six, I Didn’t Hear A Word Of That!

Ride Safe, Stay Upright

Eighty Six

Northern Gateway Branch

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