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"Bet the rich tried to get Mike!", replied Twiggy. Say what?? It’s a long story, read on …

Over twenty bikes and riders departed the Caltex on Sunday with our President leading the way and J. Jones Esq. in the yellow jacket. The ladies were few but our numbers were swelled by some less familiar faces. These included Jay from the Brisbane Branch, Hans, Kim, Peter & Paul; plus one Graham Chaff. Chaffey has recently returned to the smoke after discovering that a quiet retirement in Burrum Heads was just too quiet!

A quick zip up the highway to Kilcoy for smoko, then a few nice twisties around the dam and onto the Spit for sustenance from the Salvo’s Sausage Sizzle and Coke $4.00 meal-deal. On-site we linked up with John & Jacqui and Gail & Rob, and saw Dave & Sandra again doing good work selling pins, coins and necklaces in support of the Care-for-Kids charity.

The memorial service was fitting and emotional for many as members spoke of friends and relatives lost. The gardens are looking a bit dry but most trees and shrubs seem to be flourishing. More work is being carried out there soon and a new section to be called "Doc’s Corner" in recognition of the man who has been instrumental in the Gardens’ establishment, will be developed.

After the service, Eighty-Six took the usual group photos and Larry had the bright idea that we get a separate snap of "new" members. But as I rounded them up, one said he’d been a member since forever. Well bugger me with a fish-fork! In over three years with NG I’d never before clapped eyes on Arthur Smith - I was in a hole so I stopped digging.

Our next leg was to Esk so the tiny-tankers could re-fuel, then we rode into a little place called Coominya (pop. 467) where we were joined for lunch by Geoff and Julie and Steve and Rosi. Some went to the pub but I have to tell you, the only café in town does

THE best burgers!! Coominya , by the way, is Aboriginal for, "empty" as in, "me flagon’s coominya".

After a refreshing break and some good conversation the group slowly shrank as various return roads offered themselves. Blip simply couldn’t resist the lure of the dirt – even before he’d found a broken cow-path to explore he’d swung onto the dirt shoulder and was paralleling the bitumen.

(Thanks for the dust Blip!!).

I followed El-president as he led a small group of die-hards home over the ever-glorious mountain, through Samford and on to Brisbane. A great return trip of just under 300km by my odometer.

So what about Twiggy’s opening remark you ask? Well, when he arrived at the Caltex without Dale we thought it was because his mind had gone and he’d forgotten her. But asked the reason for her absence he said,

"Bet the rich tried to get Mike!".

It sounded to me like, "Let the bitch ride her own bike!", but apparently I mis-heard.

Ride safe, stay upright and check your lights, fluids and tyre pressures often.

Larry the Wonder-Llama.

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