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Dear JOHN,

The Ulysses Club does not support the targeting of all motorcyclists as is currently happening in QLD.

We must however respectfully remind members that there is only one media voice and that is the National President or a member sanctioned by the National President to comment officially on matters affecting the Club. Comments are often used for sensational reporting and taken out of context. For this reason we are very cautious to make limited comments on political issues.

We respect the right of members to personally protest but they must not wear any item to identify them as a Ulysses Club member and must not make any statement claiming to be speaking on behalf of Ulysses Club.

Branches should remind their members of this requirement which is part of our updated Media Communications policy. The relevant section of this policy is highlighted below for your information.

Unless specific prior written approval has been received from the National President, National Vice-President or National Secretary, Club Members must not present themselves to the media as being authorised to speak for or on behalf of the Ulysses Club.

This includes:

1. Making any public comment
2. Issuing any media statements or releases
3. Wearing clearly identifiable Club merchandise (e.g. Old Man Logo) during interviews.
Members must stress that any comment or statement to the media is their own opinion only, and is not in any way the opinion or policy of the Club nor is it binding to the Club.


Click here to view the full policy.


The National Committee
Ulysses Club Inc.

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