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Ernie Gibbs, a previous Ride Coordinator who’s recently returned to the fold, showed on Sunday that he’s lost none of his skills! Ernie reconnoitred the entire route thoroughly and had the plan of attack firmly in his mind (and GPS) before he committed us.

The group wasn’t large - fourteen people on eleven bikes, so maybe Bathurst, a warm day or a longish sounding ride kept some troops in their billets, but those who turned up were in full battle order and as keen as mustard.

The day opened with a successful flanking attack at platoon strength on Mt Glorious that swept on through Woodford and took Lowood by frontal assault. Here the troops grabbed a well deserved bit of R&R while Chaffey spied out Fernvale’s defences.

At great personal risk, he bagged a couple of pies and brought them back for questioning. Neither pie survived the interrogation but Chaffey declared himself very pleased with the results.

Several in the original assault platoon completed their tour of duty at Lowood and made a strategic advance to the rear, which left one battle-hardened corps of seven to carry on the fight.

With their kits back on, Seven Corp (The Magnificent Seven) advanced rapidly through the countryside, liberating Esk, Perseverance Dam and numerous other towns and villages along the way, without loss.

In fact we brought such joy that when they heard us coming locals would rush out and throw things, and everywhere we went small children asked, “When will nice UncleTwiggy come and show us his magic flute again?”.

Finally the major objective, Goombungee was reached. The town’s defences quickly fell and as the town-folk fled into the surrounding bush the Magnificent Seven setup HQ in the local hotel and consolidated their gains by taking the bar and kitchen staff hostage until ample beer and food was provided.

Having no further territorial claims in the area we withdrew through Highfields and took the unpatrolled back-roads down the mountain to Plainlands where we commandeered enough fuel and water to get us back to Command HQ via a now thoroughly pacified Mt Glorious.

Battle Honours for the action were subsequently awarded to, Lt. Ernie, W/O 2 Hans, Sgt. Kim, Cpl. Brian, and Ptes. Keith, Barry and Alan.

Ride safe and remember your flak jacket!

Larry the Wonder Llama

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