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There where nine of us who turned up at Leis Park for breakfast on Sunday morning. Chaffy and Rose were the first to arrive, fired up the BBQ and proceeded to cook a gourmet breakfast. Dianne, myself followed by Ken R with muffin and coffee in hand. Mary and Lionel, Albi on his own because Jules is still recovering from her girls week away cruising.

Mal was on call for work, but still managed a short visit. It was a top spot if you are into train spotting as there were many trains back and forth throughout the morning. Another great morning spent in good company telling stories and solving the problems of the world. Lucky everybody had left before me as I made an "ASS" of myself whilst doing a u turn in a sloping car park, the Heap of Shit Wing decided to lie down, causing me to step off but Dianne to fall. No damage to me or the Wing but a couple of minor bruises to Dianne.

Now I am in real shit if this is going to effect her sewing arm.
Cheers " Blip

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