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Bikes Through the Bar at Bony Mountain Recreational Reserve 11th to 13th October 2013, Hosted by Warwick Branch, Ulysses Club Inc.

Being idle most of the time these days, I can get to these rallies more often, and even leave home early.  I quit the house at 11am on Friday (on the new Bonneville) and headed along the Centenary and Ipswich Motorways onto the Cunningham Highway.  I stopped for lunch at Warril View (sandwiches and a thermos of tea) and for petrol at Aratula.  The cross wind was quite strong, making the ride a bit uncomfortable.  If a semi-trailer came the other way, I’d swing to the extreme left to avoid the bow wave.  Anyway without incident, I got to the reserve at about 2:15 pm.  There would have been dozens of people there already.  I paid my fees and located my campsite at a far corner of the park.

I went for a bit of a tour and found Barry there (the only other NG rally junkie, it seems) and we started an afternoon session, since the bar was open. No much in the way of stalls were set up yet, so we just talked and drank.  Eventually we toured the stalls; Shannon’s Insurance, RACQ, a coffee bar, ice cream seller, speaker/ear plugs, a stall selling polishing paraphernalia (inspired by a show and shine next day) and the usual belts, rings and jackets on sale.

After dinner they opened the karaoke machine and both Barry and I murdered a few songs.

Next morning after a cool night, after breakfast and the arrival of more rally-goers (but not a lot more came), we did our Bikes Through the Bar ride.  Some bikes did a burn out (on apiece of conveyor belt), and we all got our photos taken (as evidence).

There was a show and shine so, in for a penny, in for a pound, Ientered that as well.  When asked what category I wanted to enter the bike in, I answered “Best British”, but there wasn’t any – only “Best European” was available.  But, I protested, the bike is British and Britain is not part of Europe (well, it is but the British wish it wasn’t).  My protests fell on deaf ears and I entered it in “Best European”.  And you would never have guessed, but I won it! (Perhaps I should write to Triumph and tell them that their bike is a champion European model).

I had a beer or two to celebrate my win that afternoon.

There was a strong contingent of dignitaries.  The local police inspector Ben McLucas was there (with 3 other uniformed members of the QPS), as well as Peter the local mayor (whose empire stretches down to Stanthorpe) who arrived on his Yamaha.  And if that wasn’t enough, Lawrence Springborg, State Minister for Health attended also (and delighted the crowd by riding through the bar, as a pillion,).  They were all reassuring us that the bikie clampdown would not affect us, since we were (as Ulyssians) legitimate, law-abiding and clean.

One of the afternoon’s highlights was a pig race, on which we could place our bets.  My pig finished the race first, but the finish line was to place snout in a trough, which it was a bit slow to do, so I lost my money.

After dinner (and there was a lot of food available to choose from, at reasonable prices), a band started up. Good music. But as always with the average bike rally, men out number women 3-to-1, and nobody wanted to dance with me (although I did ask someone).

The band finished at midnight and I hit sack.

Sunday morning there was a bit of strong wind which made packing tents a bit difficult.  A few spots of rain fell.  Both subsided and I set off at 8am for a reasonable ride home – back at 10:45.

So thanks to the Warwick Branch of Ulysses for organising an excellent rally.  I think they would have raised a fair amount for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Ken Robilliard

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