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Stanley River Environmental Education Centre 25-27 October, 2013

I left home on Friday at about 3pm, and got what I have to call a perfect ride, over Mount Glorious, Somerset and to Hazeldean – no traffic, perfect weather and the bike purring along nicely.  I rode there in an hour and a half or so (I had stopped for fuel and again to put extra clothing on over Glorious).

I found the Environment Centre easily, set up camp and checked in with registration.  I went for a walk.  Tom and Barry were there (the only rally junkies from NG, it seems) along with a 100 others with bikes, tents, utes, caravans,and camper vans.

In the evening there was a sausage sizzle and a cheery campfire.  Barry and I linked up and discussed how we were going to improve the world, over a few beverages.

It was a cool night, as we retired. There was some dew on surfaces next morning, but the sun rose and dried everything.  We went about our morning activities individually.  Late morning, members of the Hazeldean Fire Service (the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the rally), whose station was right next door, opened up the doors to give us a tour.  They have two small tankers.  A map on the wall illustrated the extensive area they are responsible for (strip beside the dam all the way up to the D’Aguilar Highway, and south to Somerset).

After lunch the games began. Louise came for the day, and she’d have been the only other possible participant from NG (Barry had left already), so we were not able to field a team.  The contestants lined up to throw tyres, water-filled balloons, tennis balls and of course the famous grand finale, the boat race.

Anyway, Redcliffe won the show and Northern Rivers got the wooden spoon.

That evening was the raffle draw, and the main meal.  A group of us sat around outside and continued our social activities, with beer in hand and worldly solutions in mind.  We all had a great time.

Sunday morning, most people packed up and quit the place early.  I had another traffic-free ride over Glorious and I was home by 9:30 am myself.

Many thanks go to Redcliffe Branch for organising a great rally.  Let’s hope a full NG team turns up to participate in the games, in future.

Ken R.

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