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It's the time of year when the Americans get about in silly costumes for Halloween.  Well why should they have all the fun, we celebrate Christmas and Easter. They are not Australian if you remember they celebrate the birth and death of Christ in the middle east.  Why go by the thought that Halloween is American only when we can have just as much fun with the idea?  To heck with that,fun is fun and that is exactly what the Northern Gateway Branch had on the Saturday Night before Halloween, 2013.

Lyn and Eighty Six put up the venue for the Second Halloween Party again after last year's being such a great success.  So we all gathered at Kallangur in the great spirit of having fun with ghosts, ghouls and goblins.   It was a BYO drinks and a pot luck supper, a tried and true recipe for a party.

The night kicked off with the arrival of the undead visitors and the laughs overall the costumes made for ongoing entertainment.  The food came next and when appetites were satisfied, I kicked off the Halloween entertainment.  Lyn and I had set up a back yard projector and screen, got everyone seated and quiet then announced the showing of a classic The Addams Family episode called Halloween.  The trick was, you had to watch and remember what you saw as there were questions after the show with a prize for a correct answer.  This proved to be a huge, huge success with everyone getting the greatest of pleasure watching the nostalgic Addams Family.  The four winners of prizes for the Addams Family questions were Keith, Darleen, Trevor and Jack.

The evening running game was the word of shame. If any person said the word "and" the person hearing them had to run up to the ghoulish bell and ring it, point at the guilty person who then had to wear the shackles of shame until another person was caught out saying that word.  This proved for a good bit of fun and skull duggery by many trying to catch unsuspecting victims out.

That only left one prize to award, the best costume. What a hard task to judge, there were so many brilliant costumes I had to revert to group approval.  After disqualifying myself from the running I began to pull some of the out done by others aside and made them the judges.  I then went along the line of contestants listening to the applause and eventually found that the crowd were most impressed with Deb Madjeric as best costume who won the Route 66 wall mounted key holder for the hallway prize.

You generally see Northern Gateway Branch start to break up and head home around this time but the music and open dance floor dragged the undead in for a crazy dance session that went late into the night.  It was getting close to the witching hour and instead of the undead rising, they were actually departing for their beds.

I thought last year's Halloween Party was great, this year's was an even bigger success and I would expect this event to go on to even bigger things.  Thank you all from Lyn and myself for making this year's Halloween Party a huge fun filled success.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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