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Hi Members, I can remember as a younger bloke doing big K's on the bike with no after effect. Looks like things have changed.  Blip, Hans, Bruce R, Barry C and Peter G spent five days on the bikes that included the Sydney AGM at Forbes NSW and then four days later it's back on the bike for three days with Dale,Louise, Rob and crew down to Uralla.  Got back in Brizzy and went straight to volley ball that evening and managed to hit the ball everywhere except where it was meant to go.   My advice on all of this is simple - be very wary of NSW grog as it seems that now it has significant after effects.

Rob and Lynne Watson - a great team who put together an absolute cracker at their place for the Halloween night.  At one stage we are watching an episode of the "Adams Family" and believe it or not we all thought it was funny.  The costumes were out of this world - it was heard that the blood dripping, sharp fanged, blood shot eyed and pale white face costumes were an improvement on some people (find that hard to believe???).

On a more serious note, Dale, our poor dishevelled Social Co-ordinator has been given the run around with the Xmas function but being the trooper that she is it is all coming together (phew).

All in all things are going quite well at Committee level and I believe the Northern Gateway is travelling on a smooth track. We just need to collectively keep it there.

Enjoy the Club

Twiggy B

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