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The official weather forecast for Sunday 27th October predicted that Brisbane and the North Coast would experience scattered showers all day with a 60% chance of rain. Despite this, at 8:30am about a dozen of us mounted up and set off from Caltex Carseldine, with the aim of arriving at Wappa Dam (nearYandina) for lunch.

John Spick was our Ride Captain for the day, and we would soon learn that he had planned a very enjoyable route for us, with plenty of twisty roads and some absolutely spectacular scenery.

We were mounted on a couple of Harleys, some Goldwings (including my brand new Goldwing!), a few sport bikes, and a red Spyder. Chaffey did a great job as our tail-end-Charlie.

Despite the adverse weather forecast, and some black heavy clouds hanging over us for much of the morning, we didn't see any rain, and the roads stayed dry. I don't remember seeing any revolving blue lights or radar traps either. Maybe the Guardian Bells hanging from thehassis of a few of the bikes on this run were protecting us?

We rode north-west along the d'Aguilar Highway to Woodford, where we enjoyed a pleasant stop for morning tea. From Woodford we headed for the twisty Bellthorpe Range Road, and from there on to Melany.

I suspect that some of the engineers who designed and built these roads also rode motorcycles! In fact, there's a couple of YouTube videos of the infamous Bellthorpe Range Road for those who want to relive the experience: and

From Melany we followed the Melany-Montville Road (Tourist Drive #23) to Montville. We were eventually riding down Wappa Falls Road, which took us to the Jack Harrison Park at Wappa Dam.  We stayed at WappaDam for a couple of hours for lunch. There are no shops or restaurants there; but most had brought a thermos and picnic sandwiches. Wappa Dam is a scenic little spot, and by the time we arrived quite a few family groups were occupying the picnic shelters that were scattered around the park.

The ride terminated at Wappa Dam, and as the afternoon progressed we departed individually to wander back to Brisbane.  Overall, it was a great ride, parts of which gave our tyres an excellent workout! When I got home at the end of the day my odometer said that the bike had travelled a bit over 300 km.

Many thanks to John for organising all this!

Kim Dowling

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