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The Xmas party – Aaaaaggghhh!!!!!! My poor Dale has had a number of emergency ambulance trips to the special hospital that looks after Xmas Party Coordinators. It starts like this – the Ferny Grove Bowls Club is booked. It’s now Day 35. It has everything – dance floor and stage – tucker cooked on site and all kinds of booze. Doesn’t get much better ay?  Being a good Coordinator she confirms only to find that the place is triple booked (yes triple booked). After consultation with them we agree that sharing half of the allocated area sucks but that also leaves us with 5/8th of F/A venue. Now only 20 something days to Dday. Dale has her first trip to the special hospital. Roz graciously volunteers her place. It becomes a maybe? Members of the very clever Committee throw enough ideas and suggestions around that it all goes fuzzy. Only two weeks to Dday. Dale goes back to hospital. Then out of the blue Phil/Sam and someone else suggests the Edinburgh Castle pub. Being a functional Committee we consider that maybe it has merit, patted ourselves on our backs whilst taking credit for the idea (in fact we salivated a lot and then hurriedly booked the place).

Now day 6. We sit back and relax – all is well when suddenlyJules sends out a mayday – the entertainment people have pulled the pin. Dale is that devastated she is found about to jump off the back of my bike on aroundabout (she has had experience in this area). But Jules, yes our luvly Secretary uses her skills and threats of violence to arrange a night time entertainer. YES,  Yayy!!!  She has done the impossible –It’s now Day 4.

Dale now recognises that it all seems to be coming together and promises no more suicide attempts (for the moment). 

As the Prez, should it all work out well I will be able to take the credit. It’s good being in such high places. If it goes belly up, it just goes to show that good Social Coordinators and Secretaries are hard toget.

Enjoy the Club

Twiggy B


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