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The Website is running smoothly and I don’t have anything to Report.

Now for the important news. Come our Branch AGM next year, I will not be standing for Committee mainly due to the fact that I will be Interstate for the whole year from about March 2014 until about March 2015.

For a great part of my travels through NT next year I doubt if I will have any Mobile Phone Reception, so in the best interests of the Branch it would be much better from the next Branch AGM if someone else tookover as Website Editor/Webmaster.  This gives the Branch about 4 or 5 month notice to find someone else to do this job. But with very limit Mobile Reception in the area of NT & northern part of SA where I will be travelling it will make the job very difficult.

I have enjoyed doing this over the past 5 or 6 years & as you all know I still managed to do it most of the time during my travels.

Tom Rundle(Ulysses Member 5846) (Dearnley Medal No. 44)
Website Editor
Northern Gateway Branch
Ulysses Club Inc.
(0419) 644 136 or (0418) 639 819

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