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After the Redcliffe Odyssey I headed back to Standown Park for a few weeks. While at Standown Park I attended Memorial Bowls Day at the Albert ParkBowls Club in Gympie, in memory of a Vietnam Veteran.  It was a great day, but hard on my crook Knee & Foot.  Then I attended their Rememberance Day Service at the Standown Memorial.

I headed off from Standown Parkfor the final time this year on Tuesday 12th November to go to Cabarlah for a few days to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years, then off to Lake Broadwater for about a 3 week stay, finishing with the Ulysses Members RV Group (Qld) Christmas function at Lake Broadwater on the Weekend of 6th, 7th & 8th December.

Immediately after this RV Group function I will be making an express trip to South West Victoria to be with my family for Christmas/New Year.

My next travel update will not be before the March Newsletter.

So until next time.

Trikertom, gone Walkabout.


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