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It's funny how things happen sometimes.  Some weeks back I was on a Mid Week Ride that John Armanelli came along on.  We were talking and John says, "Oh, Rob, something I want to tell you, I am leading a ride in November down to the Gold Coast and you're leading it".  So I said, "Am I"?  He said,"Yeah but you're leading it up the Sunshine Coast, the same ride we did today"!  So Sunday's ride on the10th of November, 2013 was all John's and led by Eighty Six.

It was meant to be a straight up the highway ride but I only took them as far as Caboolture, up the D'Aguilar Highway and into the western end of King Street then into some new back road that had recently been spray sealed.  A smoko stop at the Lookout Cafe and the Glasshouse Mountains Lookout caused the group to break into two so that those that brought smoko with them could have it at the lookout and the rest were booked into the cafe.

After smoko we headed up the range and just before Montville we headed down what the locals call Spaghetti.  It's the Woombye Montville Road that had finally opened again after being closed for a few years due to landslides.  Then through Nambour, Yandina, Cooroy and into Tewantin for lunch at the Royal Mail Hotel.

After lunch we headed for ice cream down by the river then we all broke off and headed home to take on the Bruce Highway Car Park back into Brisbane.  A few stayed up the coast a little longer and not only had to deal with the traffic but also a good soaking in the evening storm that hit.  A great ride with many thanks to John Armanelli who did so much work on his ride.

Raise The Cone Of Silence Eighty Six, I Didn’t Hear A Word Of That!

RideSafe, Stay Upright


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Here is a YouTube Link to some of the Ride.

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