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Dale was congratulated by the Committee and Members for the enormous effort she putin to organising this fantastic function.

And what a night it was!!

Edinburgh Castle Hotel, you definitely came to the party with Christmas Balloons, nibbles, dinner, dessert and great staff. Ok, and a great selection of beverages.

Our music was supplied by Dave (Moby disc), who now seems to be a part of the NGB family after surviving his initiation of frivolity, games and pure craziness.

When Alby and I arrived the place was buzzing - there was music, chatting, clinking of glasses, laughter, and we knew we were in for a great night.

We were all having nibbles, drinking and mingling when suddenly it was dinner time.  Bonbons were popped and jokes were told and little tokens and games were shared.  We all sat down and relished in either fish or turkey & ham.

After dinner Dave took the reins as our MC and drew names out of a hat to go and collect their secret Santa presents.  A lot of cheering and clapping was provided for the name that was called.  There were also a lot of call-outs for redraws and friendly banter.  The four lucky door prizes were won by Geoff, Felix, Keith & Barry….I think.  Alby’s asleep and is in lala land and isn’t making any sense.  So if I missed you out or got it wrong, I AM SORRY!

The music got louder and the dancing started. Darlene, Bill, Margaret, Gail and Keith just to name a few, hit the dance floor and showed us all how it was done. There were a few closet dancers that were busting a move on the inside, however Geoff go up to show off, but it turned out he was just getting up for a drink.

Yep, then dessert suddenly appeared and Dave got right into the spirit of telling us what to do !  There was plumb pudding or macadamia cheesecake – again, it was great.

After dessert and MORE liquid consumption, it was time for ‘pass-the-parcel’ (Twiggy style).

Yes, Dale and I were a bit frightened. Just to let you know a few things…..Mary is wonderful, I am insensitive, Kenny is unsure whether or not he did win the six-pack, Trevor is deemed the sensual hugger and Margaret had FOUR drinks hehehehe.  The winner at the end of pass-the-parcel was Deb….but it was a close call between her and Darlene.

You all know that saying……What happens at a Christmas Party STAYS at a Christmas Party – if you want to know how the prize was won, don’t ask Darlene and Deb, go and ask Bill and Erick!!  Also why did Erick and Deb suddenly need to leave early??

The music was loud and pumpin’, the laughter was contagious, some of the dancing was ‘interesting’, however, the friendship and bond that NGB members have will be everlasting.  It was truly an amazing night.

Merry Christmas friends!  Love Jules (ok, and Alby)

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